Today we did a little bit of Lasagne Gardening well okay not truly lasagne gardening but a similar idea. True lasagne gardening by the way is simply a no-dig method that uses green compost and brown compost alternated providing an excellent mulch. We’re using the same idea to keep weeds atRead More →

Taking on the new 24/B plot means a lot of exciting changes but also a lot to keep track of. I’m experimenting using a commercially hosted open-source project management tool. The project is here  It is a Kanban style project management tool but I’m using it a little moreRead More →

Today I planted out our Turnip seedlings, they are a variety called Petrowski a yellow turnip from Poland. We purchased these from The Read Seed Catalogue, I was especially keen to choose a variety which was a bit different from the supermarket varieties.         We’ve planted a huge numberRead More →