Today we did a little bit of Lasagne Gardening well okay not truly lasagne gardening but a similar idea. True lasagne gardening by the way is simply a no-dig method that uses green compost and brown compost alternated providing an excellent mulch. We’re using the same idea to keep weeds atRead More →

After the bumper herb pick on Friday I’ve been repurposing a beautiful old riddle lent to me by my friend Bob Boothby as a drying rack. I’ve found this to be an incredibly simple way of drying herbs. I do also hang them up, bit this is slightly less fiddly.Read More →

It’s been a bountiful day on the allotment today, we’ve been collecting herbs for drying too. The recent rain has transformed the allotment, life has returned – admittedly it’s also helped the weeds too!Read More →