I’ve just started work on a plant database using Airtable; it is designed for us to use on our allotment but I’ll be sharing sections of this data including Month by Month planting guides for other allotment holders. I’ll also make the whole database copiable when I’m ready. An exampleRead More →

I’ve started a string of Chilli Peppers for drying now that the chilli harvest is underway. Each Chilli Pepper is just threaded with a needle and thread; I keep the needle attached so I can just keep adding new peppers they are harvested. There’s a lot more peppers waiting toRead More →

Below is an article by Charles Dowding on No-Dig allotments, and if you are just starting on an allotment this guide is useful for getting it started the no-dig way. Allotments No-Dig  is not a new thing; it’s been around since at least the 1940s and is about maintaining theRead More →