The Garden Area is an area we created for 24/A to be a seating area with fruit trees, Mediterranean herbs and some flowers. To be in affect a garden with then allotment itself. As you can see from the photos it has changed a bit over the last 18 months:Read More →

We recently acquired 24/B to join onto 24/A, this has given us some more space and a shed. The plot was pretty wild but as the photos show it has progressed. The top 2 beds have got Cauliflowers, Kale and Calabrese in already the next 2 are being mulched andRead More →

Plot 24/B had a shed on it, it’s newish but the roof wasn’t finished so it’s probably a tad fragile after a British winter. We painted then moved it from the top of the plot to the border with 24/A. This gives us a lovely view from outside the shedRead More →