Today we did a little bit of Lasagne Gardening well okay not truly lasagne gardening but a similar idea. True lasagne gardening by the way is simply a no-dig method that uses green compost and brown compost alternated providing an excellent mulch. We’re using the same idea to keep weeds atRead More →

Today I planted out our Turnip seedlings, they are a variety called Petrowski a yellow turnip from Poland. We purchased these from The Read Seed Catalogue, I was especially keen to choose a variety which was a bit different from the supermarket varieties.         We’ve planted a huge numberRead More →

This year we’re going to try out an edible variety of Field Beans called ‘Wizard’. Field beans are similar to broad beans but smaller beans and higher yield. We’re using them as both green manure, i.e. we’re growing them to compost and we’ll take some of them for eating. WeRead More →