I’ve just started work on a plant database using Airtable; it is designed for us to use on our allotment but I’ll be sharing sections of this data including Month by Month planting guides for other allotment holders. I’ll also make the whole database copiable when I’m ready. An exampleRead More →

Taking on the new 24/B plot means a lot of exciting changes but also a lot to keep track of. I’m experimenting using Taiga.io a commercially hosted open-source project management tool. The project is here  It is a Kanban style project management tool but I’m using it a little moreRead More →

The Plan

This is the latest plan for the allotment in 2019, it’s been really tough trying to map out the allotment accurately but it has helped massively to work from a plan. I’ve also found it really helpful to mark out the areas with rope, this helps to get a realRead More →