Today was a day for shovelling poo. We visited our local stables, who have been wonderful enough to let us have manure for free. Now that they have spread manure on the fields the mountain of pow is now just a small hillock. This has revealed some of the well-rottedRead More →

Today was a day of building raised beds for the polytunnel adding new layers of rotted manure. I will be adding more rotted manure and cotton stuffing until the full bed height is reached. I estimate the deepest bed at about 18″ and the shallowest at about 10-12″. It reallyRead More →

Today we did a little bit of Lasagne Gardening well okay not truly lasagne gardening but a similar idea. True lasagne gardening by the way is simply a no-dig method that uses green compost and brown compost alternated providing an excellent mulch. We’re using the same idea to keep weeds atRead More →

Today I was up at the allotment by myself; mainly to make sure that our turnips were okay, which they were. On the spur of the moment I decided to bring forward the creation of a pond in what will be our wildlife area.     It’s a small pond,Read More →

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has had trouble deciding how to deal with paths in the allotment. We’ve tried stony, wood chip, straw and now we’re moving onto grass. We recently purchased a manual lawn mower which cuts a 30cm/1′ strip but was not very tolerant ofRead More →