I’ve started a string of Chilli Peppers for drying now that the chilli harvest is underway. Each Chilli Pepper is just threaded with a needle and thread; I keep the needle attached so I can just keep adding new peppers they are harvested. There’s a lot more peppers waiting toRead More →

A nice little video today from the GrowVeg people about seed saving: TL;DR – Peas and Beans are great for saving seeds, don’t try it with brassicas! I’ve also got this great little book by Josie Jeffery which I find really useful too:Read More →

After the bumper herb pick on Friday I’ve been repurposing a beautiful old riddle lent to me by my friend Bob Boothby as a drying rack. I’ve found this to be an incredibly simple way of drying herbs. I do also hang them up, bit this is slightly less fiddly.Read More →