I’ve just started work on a plant database using Airtable; it is designed for us to use on our allotment but I’ll be sharing sections of this data including Month by Month planting guides for other allotment holders. I’ll also make the whole database copiable when I’m ready. An exampleRead More →

A nice little video today from the GrowVeg people about seed saving: TL;DR – Peas and Beans are great for saving seeds, don’t try it with brassicas! I’ve also got this great little book by Josie Jeffery which I find really useful too:Read More →

It was at the allotment today! We had some pretty grim weather – which is good because it reminded us to start prepping for winter. So down to B&Q to pick up an incinerator! Alas my well intentioned idea to make our incinerator last for more than a few monthsRead More →