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The big project for spring this year is the Soft Fruit Enclosure, a 3m square space just for growing berries and currants. The enclosure is an enclosure because they are popular with birds as well as humans. In the enclosure we have currently we have:

  • Redcurrants (Inherited with the allotment)
  • Blackcurrants (From Poundland)
  • Blueberries (From Poundland)
  • Summer Fruiting Raspberries (From Seedy Sunday and, you guessed, Poundland)
  • Autumn Fruiting Raspberries (From Stephen, our dear friend and plot holder, Amy’s dad)
  • Strawberries (From my brother’s plot)

At present I’m just laying the beds and planting. The hard work of building the frame has yet to start!

The plan

Watch this space for more info …

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