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Today was a day for shovelling poo. We visited our local stables, who have been wonderful enough to let us have manure for free. Now that they have spread manure on the fields the mountain of pow is now just a small hillock. This has revealed some of the well-rotted manure. As only a gardener can, I started waxing lyrical about the quality and smell of the manure.  While shovelling it into sacks. Seriously though this smelt a lot better and was steaming and black.

Some cotton, grass clippings and manure

Some of the manure went into the polytunnel beds together with grass clippings and more cotton stuffing. The clippings were from one of the car park areas at our allotment site, which had recently been strimmed. The cotton stuffing again from an old futon style mattress thing. Hopefully this will make a good lasagne and a nice deep bed for the Solanums and Curcubits going in there.

The rest of the manure went onto exposed parts of existing beds, mostly at the ends. This is where the beds will be shoved forwards next year.

This session complete with grass and manure on the top layer

I added some leaf mould slime that had accumulated in our gutters at home into the wildlife pond. The slime should be nutrient poor but provide a better base to the pool than plastic and stone.

My beloved turnips are doing well, we should be eating some baby ones in a week or two and I’m excited to see what they taste like.

The last of our module cauliflowers went into the Brassica beds and that’s more or less it for the spring Brassicas now – apart from feeding and the occasional water. One of the disadvantages of being on a steep slow with chalk underneath is we leach out nutrients from out soil very quickly and the soil dries really fast.


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