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Today we did a little bit of Lasagne Gardening well okay not truly lasagne gardening but a similar idea. True lasagne gardening by the way is simply a no-dig method that uses green compost and brown compost alternated providing an excellent mulch. We’re using the same idea to keep weeds at bay and create a soft topsoil for potato tubers to travel through.

We’re planting some winter potatoes on some very weedy and heavy soil, we want the tubers to sit in the top soil and the roots to go down deep. The first thing we did is temporarily clear out the top 6 inches of soil. This was rich in perennial weeds and large stones.

Next we used the cotton stuffing from an old futon mattress type thing. This will act as a mulch to discourage perennials trying to reach the surface. Something like cotton is going to leach out Nitrogen when it does finally decompose. That problem is removed by the next layer which consists of moderately rotted compost. We’re deliberately not using well rotted as we want the excess Nitrogen and the heat from the rotting to help the potatoes.

Once the manure was down we then sieved a nice clean layer of topsoil over it and then pushed in gently the potatoes. We then, finally, sieved over a final layer of topsoil and have let nature do the rest.  Watch this space for progress.

We also dug up some random, but delicious, volunteer potatoes and our first Sarpo Mira, blight resistant, plants which I’m now looking forward to trying. All of these potatoes are destined for our new Hessian (Burlap) sacks which are rather nice, see bottom of page for more Amazon details.


Potato (Maincrop) - Volunteer Red Potatoes
Potato (Maincrop) - Sarpo Mira

Sown Outdoors

Sown Outdoors


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