Today I planted out our Turnip seedlings, they are a variety called Petrowski a yellow turnip from Poland. We purchased these from The Read Seed Catalogue, I was especially keen to choose a variety which was a bit different from the supermarket varieties.         We’ve planted a huge numberRead More →

This year we’re going to try out an edible variety of Field Beans called ‘Wizard’. Field beans are similar to broad beans but smaller beans and higher yield. We’re using them as both green manure, i.e. we’re growing them to compost and we’ll take some of them for eating. WeRead More →

It was at the allotment today! We had some pretty grim weather – which is good because it reminded us to start prepping for winter. So down to B&Q to pick up an incinerator! Alas my well intentioned idea to make our incinerator last for more than a few monthsRead More →

The Garden Area is an area we created for 24/A to be a seating area with fruit trees, Mediterranean herbs and some flowers. To be in affect a garden with then allotment itself. As you can see from the photos it has changed a bit over the last 18 months:Read More →

It’s been a bountiful day on the allotment today, we’ve been collecting herbs for drying too. The recent rain has transformed the allotment, life has returned – admittedly it’s also helped the weeds too!Read More →

We recently acquired 24/B to join onto 24/A, this has given us some more space and a shed. The plot was pretty wild but as the photos show it has progressed. The top 2 beds have got Cauliflowers, Kale and Calabrese in already the next 2 are being mulched andRead More →

The Plan

This is the latest plan for the allotment in 2019, it’s been really tough trying to map out the allotment accurately but it has helped massively to work from a plan. I’ve also found it really helpful to mark out the areas with rope, this helps to get a realRead More →

Plot 24/B had a shed on it, it’s newish but the roof wasn’t finished so it’s probably a tad fragile after a British winter. We painted then moved it from the top of the plot to the border with 24/A. This gives us a lovely view from outside the shedRead More →