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It was too wet for the allotment today, and it has to be pretty wet to keep me away. The weather has been biblical here in Sussex. Never to waste a good opportunity we headed off to our local Tate’s garden centre and picked up two things we’re currently missing; spring cabbages and ‘Christmas’ potatoes. We needed to get the cabbages as the distraction of the new plot had meant I forgot to sow them myself, and 10 for £2.49 in a strip seemed a fair price to me.

If I’m being honest then the other reason for our visit is their amazing cafe/restaurant which is all the more cosy in this weather. Two large hot chocolates later we were revitalized.

The gorgeous cafe/restaurant

The potatoes we purchased were Pentland Javelin, I took a bit of a gamble with these; not sure if we’ll like them or not. The reason I chose them is they are a more disease resistant strain and the weather has had me spooked. We’ve had a recent warning from Blightwatch and the mild damp weather seems to be staying.  That and our past experiences of blight on potatoes and tomatoes has been pretty depressing. Speaking of blight resistance, the Sarpo Mira‘s that we were given to us by my brother are doing  really excellently and we are looking forward to enjoying them soon too.


Sarpo Mira

I’ve also been seed saving today, I’ve started on the Black Radish seeds that our allotment rep Ron gave me. I have already planted out a few in our experimental Square Foot Gardening bed,  I’m saving the rest for next year; and maybe some for Seedy Sunday too.


Black Radishes

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